Let them eat (fried) cake

Maybe it's because I'm reading a Marie Antoinette biography, but last night I stumbled on a great, quick dessert - fried cake. I know that it sounds like one of those white trash, Elvis kind of dishes, but it's really, really good. We had a guest for dinner, and I didn't have time to bake a dessert from scratch, so I picked up a plain, un-iced pound cake at the grocery store. They also had some organic raspberries on special, so I got those as well. When it came time for dessert, I cut the cake into slices, buttered it on both sides and fried it in a non-stick pan. When the butter melts, the cake browns and all the sugars kind of caramelize. Yum. I served the cake with the organic raspberries (to which I had added a bit of sugar, so they would be all lovely and macerated), and just to be extra decadent, whipped cream and ice cream. Double yum.

Sorry there are no photos, but we all ate it too fast!


Austen G. said...

Yum, sounds good, like french toast but better. Perfect for the crappy weather we've been having on-and-off! How did all the reorganizing go?

Shona said...

It does sound SO white trash, like the fried Twinkies at county fairs (well...fried everything at county fairs) but add the words organic raspberries + you've negated the white trashiness of it. Unfortunately it taps into my current aversion to The White Devils, so I’ll just have to enjoy it through your description.
I have to sit down myself down + respond to your e-mail, but The Center for the Book sounds like a great experience. I wish we had moved to Brooklyn.

Shona said...

"sit down myself down?" what the heck was I trying to say there? That's embarrassingly poor grammar.

Veronica said...

What a great and easy recipe! I will have to try it.