Boney Maroney

My mom always used to sing that song to me when I was a kid -

"I know a gal named Boney Maroney,
she's as skinny as a stick of macaroni,
But I love her, and she loves me,
Oh how happy we will be!"

It explains a lot about how my mind has been warped toward a love of corny jokes and puns, and also provides a tenuous link to a post about my new teflon bone folder from Paper Source. When I first began using it, I wasn't sure about it. I tend to use my bone folder for everything from folding, to smoothing paper, to flattening brads - and for some of these jobs, it's just too soft. Well, it's really just too soft for flattening brads - but it works like a dream for folding paper, and smoothing down freshly glued covers and endpapers. The main selling point is that it never leaves a shiny mark - on anything.

Having different bonefolders for different tasks is cool though - one of my bookbinding teachers had a whole arsenal of bonefolders. He even would carve them into different shapes for different tasks. He was a bit of an expert in bookbinding tools, and gave me a great tip - soak your bonefolders in oil to clean and refresh them. It really works well.

In conclusion - I would recommend adding a teflon bone folder to your bookbinding arsenal. No more shine marks!


Shona said...

I was at the art store on Tuesday + they were out! I was FINALLY going to break down + but one to use in making all these books. My friend, Joyce, has a zillion of them, all customized, like your teacher.
When I get exited about something I can pretty much "sell it" to anyone. I was once in line for a soup bread bowl at Disneyland + my excitement sold bread bowls to everyone in line with me (as far as I am concerned, the clam chowder bread bowl is the ONLY thing worth eating at Disneyland! I’ve never been to Disney World so I have no suggestions there.). That being said, I have convinced many non-bookbinders that they NEED a bone folder- IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
I’m off to write a self-help book based on the life changing effects of a bone folder…

Veronica TM said...

another great tip! i will look into it.

Marieke said...

Thanks Trudi, you have given me a good tooltip again! (I am using the punch so much)