New from Paper Source

I did a biggish Paper Source order the other night. I was out of loads of flat paper, and also decided to treat myself to a teflon bone folder and a fancy paste brush from Germany. I was happy to see that they also had a number of new Japanese papers - pictured here - which of course, I could not resist. They also have a new paper colour - curry. Yum.

I have to hand it to Paper Source - they always have papers in the most trendy fashion colours and their customer service is really excellent. I wish we had a place like this locally, but I'm sure if I could walk into their shop and see everything, I would be even more tempted. Now, I just can't wait to turn these lovely papers into books!

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Shona said...

You might recall that I had a blog post about the first time I walked into an actual Paper Source store + freaked out! They seriously thought I was mental. Let me know about the Teflon bone folder. On the other hand, I just need to break down + buy one. I was a bit upset though because some papers that I especially wanted were sold out, poop.
I just ordered 10 sheets of Davey Board from Tallas, not as exiting as your new Japanese papers "Now, I just can't wait to turn these lovely [Davey Board] into books!"