Lately, I've been getting into a bit of a routine. I come home from work, have a shower, put on my trackies, eat dinner and then do at least an hour of work on my books. I like to listen to an episode of This American Life or Wiretap while I'm working. I overdosed a bit on work while preparing for Christmas, but now I find myself looking forward to coming home and doing my little routine. It's nice to be able to work slowly and methodically, without any pressures. Tonight, I folded and trimmed a bunch of accordions, and made a few books that are now happily squishing (sorry to use such a technical term) under weights. Happy and content, I'm now off to make a cup of tea and curl up on the sofa with my knitting. I just have to get better at working blogging into my daily routine!

This has nothing to do with my routine, but I just heard something really funny. A little Irish girl called Becky making a prank phone call to a wrecking company asking them to blow up her school. Listen here.


Austen G. said...

Sounds like a great routine to me! Shari at theglassdoorknob did a great series on the importance of routine and practice to the creation of art this fall....anyway. Hope you're warm and happy at home on this chilly, blustery night!

Shona said...

I am in a routine as well, although mine is somewhat determined by the temperature in my house + the functioning level of my heating system. Come home, make a quick dinner + print...books to follow when printing is done. And with such little time between getting home + time to work, my posts have become very short.
Routine can be comforting.
Hey, where can I acquire one of your technical squishing systems?

Veronica TM said...

it sounds like a lovely routine! hope you enjoyed your tea and your knitting.