I found a new hat yesterday. I really like it. This photo is a bit blurry - that's sort of on purpose, I hate having my photo taken. I took about a zillion of me in my hat, and this is the only one that sort of didn't make me retch. Anyhow, I digress - I love this little hat, and it came with a small bird pin attached to the side. Someone at work told me that I look like a young Diane Keaton wearing it, so naturally - I don't want to take it off! I saw Annie Hall for the first time over the weekend and loved it, and also loved Diane Keaton as Annie. Her funky menswear look was so cute!

Also in the realm of delightful things, I got an email yesterday saying that I've been made a delightful blog! I've added the button in my sidebar, so you can go there and check out my entry (which is really lame), and also discover lots of cool blogs. Speaking of the sidebar, I've added tons of links to other blogs I read - which are all very cool, so you should check them out.

I've had a busy couple days finishing and packing books for an order, so I'm giving myself the night off to veg on the couch and watch Babel. I try to watch all the movies nominated for best film Oscar before the awards, and I missed that one at the cinema. Hope you have a nice night planned too!


Austen G. said...

great hat! it looks fantastic. and congrats on being a delightful blog...hooray!

Shona said...

WOW, I figured everyone in the world had seen "Annie Hall" by now. That's OK- there are a couple movies I have never seen that I think the entire world has already watched, but I'm waiting to see them on a big screen- at a revival festival or something like that. In case you are interested they are "2001" + "Citizen Kane." I broke down a long time ago + rented “Lawrence of Arabia” (but still would like to see it on a big screen) and FINALLY got to see “Giant” on a Cinemascope screen.
The hat looks cute- very sporty, I love it.
Congratulations on being "delightful," but I already thought you were.

mishka said...

1. You look beautiful

2. Great hat!

3. I love Annie Hall too! Maybe it is one of the few movies we both love :D

4. Delightful blog? Yes! Delightful!! Yay you!

Marieke said...

It looks great on you! Love it x

Veronica TM said...

i love the hat and how it looks on you. i have to say, i've never seen annie hall, next on netflix.
congratulations on your delightfulness!