Country Living - Women Entreprenuers Issue

I picked up the Country Living - Women Entrepreneurs issue today. It's really good, and chock full of inspiring ideas and resources for those who are running their own creative business, or aspire to do so. There are tips on setting up a craft room using found objects and repurposed items from the hardware store.
There are also images from Amy Butler's amazing studio, some of her bags are pictured above, and there are views inside the homes and businesses of creative women. My favorite story in the issue is about a potter called Joan Platt (sorry, can't find a website) who started her craft around age 40. She works in a gorgeous country studio, creating beautifully imperfect plates and bowls in shades of green and yellow. It's stories like these that keep me going when I'm questioning why I'm working so hard on my "hobby."

Anyhow, if you need an inspirational boost, you should check it out. All images above are from the Country Living site, which showcased last year's issue - which is also worth checking out, if you can still get your hands on it.


Shona said...

OOH I love it! I am getting exited about setting up my new studio. It will be tiny (not spacious like the one in your photo) but it will be all mine without having to put things (namely my press)on rolling carts so that it can also be used for ironing + other daily chores.
I cannot wait!
Your photos look great in the previous post.

deb said...

I can't wait to pick up this magazine! Thanks for the scoop! :)

Veronica TM said...

i have this issue and find it really inspiring too, especially the article on the potter that you mention.
off to check out the site.