Going Green

This may be old news, but I still want to share it. There is a company called greendimes, and for around ten cents a day, they will stop junk mail coming to your house and plant a tree to replace those killed by said junk mail. The service has been in the states for a while and will be available in Canada in March. We get so much junk mail here that isn't even opened, but put immediately in the recycling bin, so I'm looking forward to signing up. Also, I've got to win back some karma points for all the paper I use making my books.

For more on this green theme, check out the latest issue of domino - all about eco living and decorating, and not one bit hippy-ish in the least.



Veronica TM said...

thank you for the info, trudi, i didn't know about that company.
i just got my domino and can't wait to have a moment to read it.

Shona said...

Both you + Erin @ Operation Paper Cut have mentioned offsetting the paper used in making books with eco-friendly options (actually, she wrote about wrestling with using recycled paper beacuse of the higher cost + passing the cost onto the customer ). I am a obsessive recycler but just don't think about this when it comes to my books. Gotta think about this one for awhile.
Hey, m Domino has not arrived yet...can't wait.

Kendra said...

Hi, thanks for posting about GreenDimes! GreenDimes is happy to help folks reduce their junk mail by getting them off direct mail lists and unsolicited offers, and opting them out of the catalogs they no longer want (while keeping the catalogs they do want!). AND GreenDimes plants a tree for every member every month.

Through the end of the month, you have the chance to do even more good by signing up - GreenDimes is giving new members 25 BONUS TREES! Already a member?
Then refer a friend using your GreenDimes Friends tab and we'll give both of you 25 bonus trees. Learn more at www.greendimes.com

Thanks again for the post,
Kendra at GreenDimes