Craft Booth Design for Bookbinders

There is a great post today over on the Rag & Bone blog all about setting up their display booth at the New York International Gift Fair. Rag & Bone are a bindery on Rhode Island, and their blog is a great resource for anyone interested in bookbinding and paper arts. Anyhow, this post goes into great detail about how they designed their booth - it's very beautiful, and they have some amazing ideas on attracting customers and positioning other items with your products. It really puts the double happiness booth, pictured above, to shame. I may have to put some of their ideas to work for my next show.

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Shona said...

Thanks for the link. My method (for a shows that last more than 1 day) is to set-up one way on day 1, look at what is not selling -books vs. cards- then rearrange for day 2, etc. Hit or miss, trial + error, but if I can read some good tips + start out with well placed merchandise, super duper.
Your booth looked great, no putting to shame at all.